Learn Swedish

Don’t be afraid OF the Swedish language! 

When I moved to Sweden, I thought I will NEVER learn Swedish. It seems so complicated, and my first goal was to learn English. And, to be honest, why would I learn a language that only 10million people speak… But life is full with surprised and after almost 2 years, it turns out that I am speaking (a little bit) Swedish.

First rule: Be motivated. 

When you get the golden key (in other words a personal number), you are able to go to SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), I really recommend it! You will meet people, be familiar with Swedish Basics and it is free. Every city offers SFI for immigrants and it gives you the opportunity to learn fast.

SFI can have bad reputation (teachers are changing all the time, we are 45 by class), it depends on the school but usually, they are taking care of students and we have nice teachers!

I have to say I stopped after 4 months because it did not match with my schedule and I have the possibility to speak Swedish at home (but we never do actually), anyway I learn Swedish with the method ” learning by doing”

So, choose the best method that suits you!

Swedish Words that you might need:

  • Hej : Hello
  • Hejdå : Bye
  • Tack : Thank you


A blog about Sweden without talking about Midsommar is not possible.

What is midsommar?  Midsummer, also known as St John’s Day, is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day. (Source: Wikipedia).

It is a big deal in Sweden.

The reason is that we have long winters without sun and light. So, we have to celebrate the summer. For this, we are going in the countryside,  have a nice lunch with Sills, Eggs, Shrimps, Salad and lots different dishes that I will show you. Then, we dance around a pool with some funny songs. After it is time for games & a BBQ on the night. I don’t need to mention that we drink lots of Snaps! 

So I like it, it is different than what I am used to and it is really something that you have to experience but preferably with Sweds!



What to do in Linköping?

Well, there is not a lot to do… (ahah that’s a joke)

Restaurants: I am a bit picky about restaurants because I am used to French food (I let you guess what I think about it) and it is not the same in Sweden.

  • Little Tokyo: BEST sushi ever in town! I strongly recommend this place. Sushis are super fresh, it is really good quality for good price.
  • Överste Mörner: Well, that’s ok but not the best restaurant in town. They have really good salads & burgers.
  • Rico: BEST restaurant in town. I really like this one. Super good meat, I highly recommend.
  • Rosso: Good restaurant for meat, a bit pricy.
  • 1854: Italian restaurant, I recommend pizzas. Not my favourite though.
  • Pinchos: Super funny concept, you order your food with an app and it is small tapas. You need to book it in advance because it is famous in town! I like it.
  • Yellow Fellow: Asiatic, ok restaurant. Not the best.
  • Merwah: Liban Buffé – Love it. Really good food, with choices.
  • Beer & Burgers: Burgers place, ok!
  • Shin Nori: SUPER good sushis too but it is really pricy and needs to book it.
  • Taket: Burgers place – Really good food
  • Ming Palace: Chinese buffé – Ok –
  • Jade restaurant: Chinese & Sushis buffé – Good food
  • Legend’s : Burger/sport Bar : OK – not the best
  • Spice & Ris: Asiatic restaurant – OK, not the best too
  • Sushi Yama: Good sushis but Little tokyo is WAY better.
  • Brasserie Bouquet: Good food, super nice decoration.
  • Flott: Burgers are not so good and it is expensive for the quality.


  • Flygvapenmuseum : Museum
  • Lac Roxen
  • Gamla Linköping
  • Bergs Slussar
  • Göta Kanal

Russia – St Petersbourg

I have done a little trip in Russia in 2015 and I went with OPEN RUSSIA. It is cheap and it is really good to go with a guide in Russia because otherwise I will not be able to see everything I did I think.. and they don’t speak English, so it is a little bit more complicated.

I left Stockholm by boat to go to Helsinki for a day and then took the boat again and arrived in St Petersburg. The point to go by boat is that you don’t need any visa if you are only staying 72hours.

We visited lots of things and it is was super tiring but worth it to do.

  • Hermitage Museum
  • St Isaac Cathedral
  • St Catherine Palace
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Church of the Savior on Blood > the best to me

Everything is WONDERFUL and really different from Europe country but I strongly recommend you to go with a guide 🙂