Russia – St Petersbourg

I have done a little trip in Russia in 2015 and I went with OPEN RUSSIA. It is cheap and it is really good to go with a guide in Russia because otherwise I will not be able to see everything I did I think.. and they don’t speak English, so it is a little bit more complicated.

I left Stockholm by boat to go to Helsinki for a day and then took the boat again and arrived in St Petersburg. The point to go by boat is that you don’t need any visa if you are only staying 72hours.

We visited lots of things and it is was super tiring but worth it to do.

  • Hermitage Museum
  • St Isaac Cathedral
  • St Catherine Palace
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Church of the Savior on Blood > the best to me

Everything is WONDERFUL and really different from Europe country but I strongly recommend you to go with a guide 🙂

Roadtrip – Poland



Poland, such a wonderful country. 

It was the first time I was visiting Poland, and I did not know what to expect.

We flew with Ryanair from Skavsta to Krakow and we rent a car at the airport. We did a mistake to not book it before and we have to wait. So I recommend you to book before even if it was low season!

Day 1: Visit Krakow, super charming center with beautiful historic monuments but it was snowing and really cold. We spent time drinking hot chocolates!  We stayed at Angel Hotel in the center, super clean and nice breakfast!

Day 2:  Auschwitz, it is such a horrible place but really interesting to visit, to be aware of the sadness of what happened. We slept to an awful hotel, I don’t recommend it at all. The heater did not work, it was cold and the electricity did not work also and super expensive for Poland. The hotel was

Day 3: We went to visit Zakopane. It was snowing and so beautiful, we had a lunch with a view of all the village and we stayed at one wonderful hotel that I highly recommend : Hotel Kopieniec Fizjo. Wonderful view, the hotel with SPA and a glass shower was stunning!

Day 4/5/6: Come back to Krakow, we stayed to a wonderful hotel in the center with Spa. We visited more the city, we walked through the city to not miss so much. We also tried the BEST sushi in Krakow: Youmiko Sushi. We also really liked Introligatornia Smaku

Day 7: Visit of the Christmas Market and try different typical dishes from Poland. They do have lovely food. and then Time to come back to Sweden!

It is a really cheap country, with good food and wonderful things to visit! I would happily come back to Poland!

Danemark – Copenhague

I have been two times to Copenhagen, it is only 300kms so approx. 3h/4h by train from Linköping (they don’t have fast train yet...)

We stayed on Airbnb (cheap, well located, with bikes)

Day 1 : We arrived around lunch time and we went to Nyhavn to have lunch and try the famous Smørrebrød (sandwich basically), it was really warm and we decided to walk in the center close to the sea. We had an ice cream to  Vaffelbageriet

Day 2: Brunch at café G, and we bike all day to visit the little mermaid, different churches, parks and I even swam in the harbor! Too warm! We looked like 2 tomatoes at the end of the day.


Day 3: We visited parks, had a brunch and it was time to go home!





I come from the western part of France, close to Nantes and the ocean where I grew up.

I lived 2 years in Rennes, and 1 year in Lyon and a couple of months in Grenoble.

Lyon is so far the best city in France to me. It is really beautiful, you are close to the Alpes and not so far away from the Mediterranean sea. You have a lot to do and so many beautiful monuments! If it is one city I could see myself living in in France, it would be Lyon.