Work in Sweden


Everything is different than France, and Working is one of the big difference.

  1. People are nicer, the atmosphere is not as stressful as France
  2. You are free, you do your hours as you want but the work needs to be done
  3. You will experience the Swedish FIKA 
  4. Salaries are better than France

You can work in Sweden if you are only speaking English. If you are living in a big city, you will not have any issue, lots of companies are international.

If you are working with services (taxi, hairdresser, restaurant, bar..), you might need Swedish.

To find a job, you have to look at : Arbetsformedlingen or Linkedin.


  • Att Arbeta / Jobba : to work
  • Jobb i Linköping : Job in Linköping
  • Marknadsföring : Marketing
  • försäljning : Sales

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