Roadtrip – Poland



Poland, such a wonderful country. 

It was the first time I was visiting Poland, and I did not know what to expect.

We flew with Ryanair from Skavsta to Krakow and we rent a car at the airport. We did a mistake to not book it before and we have to wait. So I recommend you to book before even if it was low season!

Day 1: Visit Krakow, super charming center with beautiful historic monuments but it was snowing and really cold. We spent time drinking hot chocolates!  We stayed at Angel Hotel in the center, super clean and nice breakfast!

Day 2:  Auschwitz, it is such a horrible place but really interesting to visit, to be aware of the sadness of what happened. We slept to an awful hotel, I don’t recommend it at all. The heater did not work, it was cold and the electricity did not work also and super expensive for Poland. The hotel was

Day 3: We went to visit Zakopane. It was snowing and so beautiful, we had a lunch with a view of all the village and we stayed at one wonderful hotel that I highly recommend : Hotel Kopieniec Fizjo. Wonderful view, the hotel with SPA and a glass shower was stunning!

Day 4/5/6: Come back to Krakow, we stayed to a wonderful hotel in the center with Spa. We visited more the city, we walked through the city to not miss so much. We also tried the BEST sushi in Krakow: Youmiko Sushi. We also really liked Introligatornia Smaku

Day 7: Visit of the Christmas Market and try different typical dishes from Poland. They do have lovely food. and then Time to come back to Sweden!

It is a really cheap country, with good food and wonderful things to visit! I would happily come back to Poland!

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