What to do in Linköping?

Well, there is not a lot to do… (ahah that’s a joke)

Restaurants: I am a bit picky about restaurants because I am used to French food (I let you guess what I think about it) and it is not the same in Sweden.

  • Little Tokyo: BEST sushi ever in town! I strongly recommend this place. Sushis are super fresh, it is really good quality for good price.
  • Överste Mörner: Well, that’s ok but not the best restaurant in town. They have really good salads & burgers.
  • Rico: BEST restaurant in town. I really like this one. Super good meat, I highly recommend.
  • Rosso: Good restaurant for meat, a bit pricy.
  • 1854: Italian restaurant, I recommend pizzas. Not my favourite though.
  • Pinchos: Super funny concept, you order your food with an app and it is small tapas. You need to book it in advance because it is famous in town! I like it.
  • Yellow Fellow: Asiatic, ok restaurant. Not the best.
  • Merwah: Liban Buffé – Love it. Really good food, with choices.
  • Beer & Burgers: Burgers place, ok!
  • Shin Nori: SUPER good sushis too but it is really pricy and needs to book it.
  • Taket: Burgers place – Really good food
  • Ming Palace: Chinese buffé – Ok –
  • Jade restaurant: Chinese & Sushis buffé – Good food
  • Legend’s : Burger/sport Bar : OK – not the best
  • Spice & Ris: Asiatic restaurant – OK, not the best too
  • Sushi Yama: Good sushis but Little tokyo is WAY better.
  • Brasserie Bouquet: Good food, super nice decoration.
  • Flott: Burgers are not so good and it is expensive for the quality.


  • Flygvapenmuseum : Museum
  • Lac Roxen
  • Gamla Linköping
  • Bergs Slussar
  • Göta Kanal

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